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Welcome to the Supply Source Internet Shop. Please feel free to browse the store. Step inside...


Here's the long answer: Our reason for existence is to reduce your overall costs for supplies while improving the supply link that services your customers, as well as your own internal needs.

The shorter answer? It's simple: Our goal is to literally make your life easier, and we've put together a team of people who are dedicated to doing just that. Every one of our partners and staff understands we're here to help you be successful.


We are experts in the import/export business. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, our distribution facilities span the globe. Our partners also operate worldwide. If you need a specialty item, we can tap into our global network to get it for you. If we don't have it, one of our partners will.


Our staff is experienced, dedicated to service and bring a "can-do" attitude to whatever they do. They're ready to help.

When you call us, you'll be working with a dedicated sales/fulfillment team. These two people work closely together to take your order, fulfill and ship it. They are your team and they are here to make sure you get what you need when you need it. Call us. See what we can do for you.
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